About Us

Our Mission

CanAmeri™ dedicates itself to providing world-class services to businesses of all sizes & shapes while empowering them strategically and successfully to grow and prosper themselves and their businesses globally.  

Founded by Lisa Caroglanian Dorazio and celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2012, CanAmeri™ continues to partner with and promote alliances for the betterment of their clients.

Along with Ms. Dorazio, employees and partners dedicate themselves to connecting others through giving and sharing which CanAmeri™ believes creates the perfect climate for a happy, healthy, caring & successful organization. 


Carol Harris, Entrepreneur

"I met Lisa during a meeting luncheon this past summer and found she was easy to talk to, passionate about her football and has a real zest for life. I would recommend Lisa not only as a friend but as a colleague to all those who strive to make the world a better place."

Jennifer Henczel, Marketing Motivator

"I would like to endorse Lisa Caroglanian Dorazio as an outstanding business associate and consultant. I have worked with Lisa on several client projects, and she demonstrates superior knowledge in the area of customer care strategies. Her extensive legal, human resources and administrative experience allows her to offer a wide range of business development services. Lisa works well with people and her coaching skills are notably among the best I have seen. She consistently displays professionalism and excellent collaborative abilities throughout every encounter.  Most of all, Lisa is a very vibrant and friendly person to have on any team, and she contributes to a positive and productive work environment."
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